No way, yes way

Den 2012-10-07, kl 23:04:00
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I'm so smexy for my party.
I am no need to be a russian, i love drink alcohol, how about you?
do you miss me, i miss me not.
I think i need to be a lot drunker nothing than i already am.
I am just trying out how a long text looks like , this text is totally random,
dont bother reading
i am no woman, no crying
i want paancakes, good bye and good night, hope you have a nixe day somewhere else,

Hej & välkommen

Den 2012-06-04, kl 11:21:48
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Här är jag , bodil! Hoppas ni trvis!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

Den 2012-06-03, kl 14:08:08
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